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In order to continue to provide the "The Best in Care…Close to Home" care to our patients, we are always upgrading and updating our equipment. Below are some of the current needs we have:

Needs under $1,000

Crash Cart-Respiratory Therapy

Needs between $1,001-$5,000

Orthopedic Chairs-Medical/Surgical Floor and ATR
Armoires-Medical/Surgical Floor
Recliners - Behavioral Health, Critical Care Unit and Cardiac Rehabilitation
GE Health Halo Bassinest-Nursery/OB Department
Neel Core Bedside Monitor-Nursery/OB Department
GE Bilisoft-Nursery/OB Department
HCL Refrigerator-Pharmacy
Norlake Refrigerator-Pharmacy
Workstation on wheels - Respiratory Therapy

Needs between $5,001-$10,000

Blanket Warmer - Behavioral Health and Cancer Unit
Trauma Stretchers-Trauma Center
Clinitek (Urine Strip Reader)-Laboratory
Broselow Carts (Peds)-Respiratory Therapy
Dryer-Environmental Services
Shuttle-Physical Therapy
Autoclave Cart-Sterilize Processing

Needs between $10,001-$20,000

Bladder Scanner-Medical/Surgical Floor and ATR
Auto Scrubber-Environmental Services
Knee Coil-Imaging-MRI
Fetal Monitors-Nursery/OB Department
EKG Machines-EEG
Glide Scope/C-Mac/Pediatric Handpiece-Anesthesia
Dental Machine-Surgery
ENT Instrument Set -Surgery

Needs between $20,001-$50,000

Endoscope Reprocessors-GI Lab

Needs between $50,001-$100,000

OR Lights-Surgery

Needs over $100,000